TrustPro Restoration is highly experienced in evaluating and remediating distressed and REO (Real Estate Owned) properties since 2011. Regardless of the type of loss, (Mold, Fire, Flooding and Foreclosure), TrustPro Restoration works closely with clients to help determine the most effective and cost-efficient remedies to distressed properties. TrustPro Restoration’s specialty is working on structures that are uninhabitable, including homes that have been neglected, suffered vandalism, or incurred a catastrophic loss that prevents the asset from selling.


  • Assess structural and mechanical components of a structure to determine the deficiencies.
  • Develop corrective plans to remove contaminants
  • Make recommendations based upon extensive and well-known understanding of REO/foreclosure work
  • Train and educate employees, clients, inspectors, and seminar attendees in regards to REO/Foreclosure contracting work
  • Implement industry accepted guidelines for mold remediation in structures
  • Perform residential, and commercial inspections
  • Evaluate and repair environmental concerns for a property


Not all certifications are created equal. Several “certifications” exist that are not third-party accredited. TrustPro Restoration employs professionals who are certified as Mold Remediators, Indoor Environmentalists, and Residential Mold Inspectors.

  • IICRC AMRT- Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • IICRC ASD- Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • IICRC CDS- Commercial Drying Specialist
  • IICRC WRT- Water Restoration Technician
  • IICRC FSRT- Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician
  • IICRC OCT- Odor Control Technician

TrustPro Restoration

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TrustPro Restoration can perform mold remediation and other environmental testing

TrustPro Restoration has over 8 years of experience with environmental issues

Whether you are updating an old kitchen or adding a whole new room, TrustPro Restoration is the custom design and remodeling firm you can trust