Crawl Space Mold Removal

Is your crawl space wet or moldy? Mold can often grow in crawl spaces due to moisture from humidity, ground water, or plumbing leaks. If you see moisture in your crawl space, call TrustPro Restoration for a detailed inspection. We have performed mold removal in crawl spaces since 2011.

Crawl spaces of homes have particular problems with relative humidity, as they are surrounded on five surfaces by the ground. The contact with the ground keeps this area cool and moist. If areas like a crawl space are not conditioned and controlled, high relative humidity conditions can prevail and affect your structure’s building components like joists, floor sheathing, walls and flooring.

Mold growth within crawl spaces can also affect the air quality of rooms above, requiring careful consideration of occupant concerns, air flow, and treatment options to properly address the problem.

The process for mold removal in crawl spaces includes negative air machines, HEPA vacuuming, antimicrobial treatments, and antimicrobial sealant. In addition, the source of moisture must be corrected to prevent recurrence of the mold growth. Often, a combination of a dehumidification system and a vapor barrier, along with maintenance, will suffice to prevent further mold growth.

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